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My Name Is Dave.
I have many years experience of ad promotions and in particular the use of Traffic Exchanges.
I know what I wanted when I surfed full time, so I am trying to introduce that here.
There is a 5 person Team waiting to run this site...QBC.
This site is run on a VPS and is the only site on the VPS.
This will ensure fast and smooth sailing for all members.

QuarterBackClicks is Fully Updated.
We, the Team, have had many Add On's installed but the most important to members would be The Easy Prize..
Surf so many sites and win $ cash and banner etc impressions.
Members need an active email address because we send the code, you need to claim your prize, to your email address.

QuarterBackClicks Re-Launch
I plan to Re-Launch asap after January 15th 2016
The first 2 weeks ALL members will be given the chance to speculate
on a successful future by having the opportunity to upgrade for a tiny fee. These members
will forever be known as Founder Members!
Founder members will get offers that other members will not get.
This doesn't stop members upgrading to another membership if they so wish.
Founder members will always be founder members.